James Lewis

January 27, 1956 - March 2, 2024

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We truly miss Jim! It was so wonderful to share something we had discussed about the scriptures, he always had something to share. Loved the stories he told me about growing up in the truth and the different memories he had with the friends. He was so thankful for the blood of Jesus and what it meant to him, as it had brought him back to his Heavenly Father whom he loved. He always told me I was part of his family because my madden name was Lewis and my dad's name was Homer and his grandfather's name was Homer. So thankful for Jim and his willingness to help us if there was something we couldn't do. We loved going on adventures with Jim and Kathy and had some good times. We loved planning for conventions and special meeting. Even though we weren't great singers we would singing the graces together so we could learn more of them. He is truly missed and thought of often, but thankful that he has went on to his reward. Tammy said she truly misses texting and teasing Jim, say's he was her best friend and there is a empty spot in her heart for him. Love to Kathy and all the family. Wilma and Tammy Morea

Posted by Wilma Morea on April 5, 2024

We miss Jim! His warm smile and thankful spirit were always wonderful when we met with him, or had him around our table. We are glad for the comfort it brings knowing that he's been welcomed by our heavenly Father because he welcomed Jesus into his heart.

Posted by Richard & Valerie Longbons on March 31, 2024

Jim left no doubt in my mind that he loved God, was sorry for past mistakes, and was trusting in the blood of Jesus. I hope that is true for me when it's "my time" ! The last 7 1/2 years we have had the privilege of meeting with Jim in Sunday AM fellowship meetings... amazing times of fellowship that fed our souls and kept us coming back for more. Many many visits with Jim that were filled with thankfulness and encouragement. He and Kathy faced some tough choices that they pressed through with a right spirit. They both had "bread" to feed others. Kathy is nothing short of a miracle. Jim seemed to see the potential in her and seemed to do all he could to help her. My sympathy to the remaining family... we've all lost a friend. Lowell Modin

Posted by Anonymous on March 31, 2024

I'd love to say I really knew you. Through circumstances and miles apart, I cannot. I can say, thanks for the lesson to say "I love you". God's Son/sun is shining down from above. Your niece Leann

Posted by Leann on March 30, 2024

Friends and Lewis Family, I am submitting a better note to Jim’s tribute as I felt my first one was incomplete so here I go…bear with me! To my Dearest Jim, Friends and Lewis Family… As you may recall, I am Jim’s first X wife, Vicki we were married 1976. We were married three wonderful years. I’m the mother of Jim’s and I first and only daughter Stephanie Rose Lewis, together. Jim and I have two Grandsons from Stephanie, they are Trenton 26 , and Keegon Kissler 24. Jim and I ended our relationship with hard words and feelings and it continued until two or more years ago. But I believe through love and fondness of what we once had we found a kindness and friendship…Thanks to the Lord. I also want to say I found an amazing friend in Kathy, Jim’s partner, and would love to say to you, you will always be in my heart ♥️ Thank you for loving Jim as you did. Also I would like to say, Thank you to Beverly for reconnecting with me as it made our Lossing Jim easier for me and the kids. I know in my heart and the words of God, Jim is in a place I can only dream of today, and that is in the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus in heaven. May we be reunited again in peace with or Lord…I will always love Jim in a very special way! Thank You Jim for being you! Vick M. Niderost

Posted by Vicki M Niderost on March 30, 2024

About my cousin Jim, my memories are mostly of when we were just children and teens. During those years, there was a close trio, Jim, Jack, and myself, hanging close and being cool. The three of us would meet up at those four day church conventions and cruise around between the meetings carefully scrutinizing the cars in the parking lot. We knew all about the latest greatest thing that Ford could put out on the market and all the competition. Most of those cars could be found in the parking lot owned by our parents and others in our family or friends. We would always be found standing around the open hood of one of those cool cars discussing latest innovations, and how to tweak maximum performance from those cars. Out of the three of us, I think Jim was the shortest, and also most likely, if he had a mind to, to kick anybody's ass into submission that crossed us. Luckily, he was not of a mind to, as he was busy hanging out, and talking cars with us. He was a real car enthusiast in those days. I expected that as we grew up, we would stay close, but the older we got, the less I knew about Jim, and we did not live close to each other. All these years though, when I think of Jim, I see the cool trio strutting around, doing our best to look cool to the girls, and obsessing about cars. I think now, Jim is up there showing off the coolest car in the world. Good luck with your next race Jim.

Posted by Anonymous on March 30, 2024

My earliest memories of Jim are when we met on Sunday mornings at Lonnie & Marie Bruce’s home for fellowship meetings. Jim would be there with his parents or with his Massey cousins. As we grew into adulthood, many years went by and I never crossed paths with Jim—I was living in Hawaii, California, and Chelan—but it was with great delight that I saw him and reconnected in Kelso/Longview at a Gospel meeting and later at the Boring, Oregon convention. He always had a big smile, a wonderful, thankful spirit, and a warm greeting. I will miss seeing Jim. I have always enjoyed visiting with him. My heart goes out to his sisters who will miss him the most. It’s hard to lose a younger sibling. But, Jim is not worrying about earthly things anymore—he is safe in his heavenly home surrounded by the eternal things that meant so much to his heart.

Posted by Karleen Cotter on March 29, 2024

To my Dearest Jim

Posted by Vicki M Niderost on March 29, 2024