Meaningful Burial Options

Burial Options

We understand that this is a difficult time for your family.   A funeral burial service has in the past traditionally involved visitation followed by a service.  Most of the time a casket is normally present at both these events, but it is your decision whether to have the casket open.  After the service you have the option of interment, their resting place and a place family can visit later to remember their life.  Other decisions also need to be considered on whether your loved one needs to be embalmed, what kind of casket and which cemetery to inter in and what to place on the gravestone.  Our compassionate staff can present the information you need to make the choice that is right for you.

You can choose burial and inter prior to a service and plan a memorial service that is designed for celebrating and honoring the life lived. This often designed and carried out with the focus on the life lived.  This service can by design help in the healing experience to gather, remember and rejoice for a life well lived.

No matter what type of service is important to you, we can help whether choosing a type of interment as listed below or helping with memorial service and a memorial video our caring staff can listen to exactly what your wishes are and help fulfill them to honor and provide service for your loved one and family.


Cemetery Types

  • Monumental Cemetery:  A monumental Cemetery is a cemetery that is more traditional style of cemetery.  This cemetery usually has monuments made of marble or granite and rise vertically above the landscape ranging from simple to very elaborate to commemorate the loved one.
  • Lawn Cemetery: This type of cemetery is more common on the west coast marking the grave with a small commemorative plaque that is placed ground level with the lawn.  Gravestones can be individualized to honor the loved one’s life.
  • Mausoleum: a mausoleum is an external, free standing building where the loved ones casket can be placed in what many consider a type of tomb encompassing the entire casket. A crypt stone is placed to seal the mausoleum chamber that many time can be individualized with more than the loved ones names and dates.
  • Natural Cemeteries:  A more eco-friendly or green choice.  This cemetery is becoming more popular.  Natural burials are chosen from the desire to be environmentally conscious usually don in a natural woodland area with conventional markings such as headstones made of natural stone.

If you choose to have a service later or the burden of a large service seems too much, the option of an immediate burial may be an option for you.

Listed below is our immediate burial option. In order to help you select the best burial options for your loved one, we can provide other services including but not limited to viewing, chapel service as well as a number of other ways to memorialize your loved one.

If you are looking for more than just immediate burial without a service or viewing. All our burial services and products can be purchased separately. Adding a memorial or graveside service can be arranged to meaningfully give honor to your loved one.

We can help tailor services to meet your specific desires or need.

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You can download our general price list by CLICKING HERE.



(Burial, without any viewing/visitation by anyone, and without any ceremony at the place of interment with staff involved.)

Includes basic services of the staff, facilities and equipment, initial local transportation of the deceased (Within Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington & Clark Counties), sheltering of the remains, local transportation of the casket to the cemetery in the van, County casket (cloth covered wood), **submission of obituary information to newspapers & placement of obituary on our website, Oregon State filing fee and 1 certified copy of the death certificate.


*A credit of $520.00 may be applied to the cost of another casket from our selection.

** does not include media/newspaper publishing fees. Complimentary (no charge) online obituary available on Omega’s website upon request.

Immediate Burial does not include the following: 

Cemetery charges (grave space, opening & closing of the grave,  an outside burial container or a grave marker), additional certified copies of the death certificate, honorariums, flowers, reception, autopsy restoration, medical examiner fees or other services, newspaper obituary publishing fees, merchandise or cash advance items that the family may request or may be necessary. (We will advise you of any requirements).


Looking for something more…

Looking for something more than an immediate burial, our staff can help arrange a wide variety of services that will honor and memorialize your loved one.  Please call and have one of our caring staff help provide information or pricing for a more tailored service.  Call Omega Funeral & Cremation at 503 231-6030