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Urns And Memorials


OMEGA Funeral & Cremation Service Memorializing

Memorializing your loved one who has passed can be an important part of the grieving process. Many people find comfort in having a tangible memento by which to remember a loved one who has passed. Others take solace in selecting photos and other memories to share during the memorial service.

We encourage the family to allow all family members to pick a “memory” of the deceased. This helps involve younger members of the family to help with their grieving process. We would be honored to help with photos and a memory table to set up at the service.

Omega offers a variety of caskets, urns, keepsakes and memorial jewelry. We can customize your memorial service using pictures you provide, arranged in a book or folder you select. Omega also offers a video tribute that can be played at the service, showing 15 photos depicting the deceased’s life.

Our Partial Urn Selection

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Availability may vary, subject to stock on hand or may carry order lead times. Call for immediate availability.

American Pride Urn

Express American Pride with engraved American flag and eagle.


Green Mother of Pearl Butterfly Urn

Rich Emerald green urn with mother of pearl inlay butterfly and flowers


Mother Of Pearl Dragonfly

Rich Purple with inlay mother of pearl dragonflies.


Blue Mother of Pearl Urn with inlayed rose

Beautiful deep blue with Mother of Pearl inlay Rose.


Blue Hummingbird

Deep blue urn with mother of pearl inlay humming bird and flowers


Hand Painted Lakeside Urn

Vibrant hand painted lake scene urn.


Black Ringed (Onyx Elite)

Black ringed metal urn. $220.00

Black ringed Keepsake Urn. $ 40.00 Brass colored Heart Keepsake Urn. $85.00 w/stand


Black Radiance


Black metal urn etched in gold.

Black Radiance Keepsake Urn. $50.00 Black Radiance Heart Keepsake Urn. $110.00 w/stand


Etienne Rose C163L

Classic Cloisonne’ Style is elegant and tasteful.

Keepsake (also available in several colors) $60


Going Home


Silver metal etched with blue birds in flight.

Going Home Keepsake Urn. $ 30.00

Going Home Heart Keepsake Urn. $85.00 w/stand


Etienne Butterfly C160

Elegant and timeless design.



Stunning colors that express the vibrant life lived. Also available in moonlight blue and pearl.


Cloisonne' Elite Floral Blush C115L

Another Elegant Floral Cloisonne’ design.


Violet Blush Urn

Understated yet elegant Violet Urn.


Pink Ribbon Urn

Pink Ribbon Urn, keepsake available by order


Mackenzie Ebony Urn

High Gloss Ebony Cultured Stone Cremation Urn


Mackenzie Wedgewood Urn

Mackenzie Wedgewood cultured stone Urn


Cultured Marble Companion Urn

Available in single or double urns in a variety of marble colors. Engraved (engraving additional fee) and Plain.


Evergreen Glass Urn

Memory chest, handmade stained glass evergreen urn $240

Camouflage Hunting Urn

For the avid hunter, Camo Urn


Classic Three Stripe Brass

Classic Style is elegant and tasteful, also available in pewter

Keepsake (also available in pewter) $40 Heart Keepsake (also available in pewter) $85 w/stand


Maroon Rose Mother of Pearl

Elegant maroon urn with mother of pearl rose inlay.


Mackenzie Emerald Green Urn

Mackenzie Green cultured stone Urn


Mackenzie Urn Colors

Mackenzie cultured stone urns can be ordered in these various colors

$260.00 *additional time may be needed for shipping

Crimson Keepsake Heart

Crimson Keepsake (small portion) Heart with stand


Hand Etched Doves Keepsake Heart

Etched Doves Keepsake (small portion) Heart with stand


American Flag Heart

American Flag (small portion) Heart with stand


Athena Metal Urn

Elegant and timeless design.

Keepsakes $48.00.  Heart Keepsakes $85.00 w/stand


Lighthouse Urn

Hand painted lighthouse at sunset urn.


Mother of Pearl Turtle Green Urn

Mother of pearl inlay turtle design green urn.


U of O Logo Urn

University of Oregon Green and Yellow Urn


U of O Helmet Urn

Special University of Oregon Football Helmet Urn


Mackenzie Engraving Example

Mackenzie Engraving Example (Engraving Additional Fee)

Engraving possible on Mackenzie urns, call for quote

Mackenzie Amethyst Urn

Mackenzie Amethyst cultured stone Urn


Bronze Book Urn

Cast Bronze engravable Book Urn $1502.00
Cremation Scatter urns

Stunning photo quality art scatter urns come in three different sizes.

Precision made formed paper cylinders.

Perfect for meaningful memorial scattering.

Full loved one portion size (Large) $65.00, Partial portion scatter size (Medium) $40.00 or

Individual keepsake scatter size (Small) $30.00.

Autumn Cremation Scatter Urn

Hummingbird Cremation Scatter Urn

Rainbow Cremation Scatter Urn

Butterfly Cremation Scatter Urn

Mt. Lake Cremation Scatter Urn

The Dove Cremation Scatter Urn

Waterfall Cremation Scatter Urn

Beach Footprint Cremation Scatter Urn

Ocean Sunset Cremation Scatter Urn

American Flag Cremation Scatter Urn

Cremation Scatter Boxes

Stunning photo quality art scatter urns.

Quality MDF material with convenient smooth slide top lid.

Perfect for meaningful memorial scattering.

Peaceful scenes only $76.00

Serenity Scattering Box

Tranquility Scattering Box

Pathway Scattering Box

Personalized  Custom Jewelry

Made and personalized from actual finger or hand prints of your loved one.

Many of these are made with precious metals and prices vary. please call for pricing.

Handprint Dog Tags

Personalized hand print dog tags, call for more information and pricing


Fingerprint Pocket Knife

Personalized fingerprint pocket knife, call for more information and pricing


Handwriting dog tags

Personalized hand writing dog tags, call for more information and pricing


Fingerprint Money Clip

Personalized fingerprint money clip, call for more information and pricing


Foot Print Dog Tags

Personalized foot print dog tags, call for more information and pricing


Memorial Glass

Memorial Pendants

Colored glass pendants, which contain a small amount of loved-one’s ashes. Pendants are available in a variety of colors. One color per pendant. Leather cord included.


Memory Orbs

We offer small and large memory orbs. Beautiful memorial pieces which contain a small amount of your loved ones’ ashes.

Small Orbs $345.00
Large Orbs $485.00

Memorial Thumby Pendants

A beautiful memorial heart. Choose the interior and exterior colors.


Memorial Jewelry

Memorial Pendants

Cremated remains suspended in solid glass tributes and keepsake jewelry. Call for more details.

Memorial Bracelet

A beautiful memorial bracelet.


Memorial Pendants

Toggle Closure Charm with CZ stone


Memory Charms

Suitable for bracelets or necklaces, a small amount of ashes is held in the center charm of this jewelry. We offer a variety of charms, and chains styles so you can honor and carry your loved one in style.
Jewelry that can be personalized

Bronze Round Hinged Tree



Pewter Round Hinged - Pewter Dragonfly



Onyx Hourglass



Slate Cross



Bronze Round Hinged Bronze Butterflies



Onyx Cylinder - Back - Funeral - Engraved example



Pewter Companion Cylinder hanging



Pewter Cross



Bronze Round Hinged - Pewter Birds



Onyx Cylinder - Funeral



Rose Pillar - Engraved



Slate Cross Back - Engraved



Other Memorial Options

Memorial Candle Holders

Candle Holder Cremation Urn, Able to be engraved. Matching Full Size Urn Available.

Memory Chest

Memory chest.