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We can help provide a meaningful cremation

We understand that this is a difficult time for your family. In order to help you select the best cremation options for your loved one, call us now and one of our caring staff can listen to what you wish and craft a meaningful service to help memorialize and honor your loved ones life in a way that you can design that meets the needs of your family

The choice of cremation is an increasing option for many people serving as an alternative to traditional burial.  Some religions request it, while it is others choice born out of necessity as a more economical alternative to the more costly burial.

Your choice for cremation does not limit your memorialization.  A service can be tailored before the cremation with or without viewing or after and can be in a format that best depicts your loved ones life.  Some families choose a more structured service with straightforward and meaningful but methodical ceremony, while others choose a life driven casual gathering that depicts their loved ones passion for life with more creative methods to remember and grieve.

There are choices and ways to facilitate your loved ones wishes and requests.  If it is important for you or your family to present a ceremony where friends and family can pay their last respects, a casket can be chosen and a viewing planned to help with the grief process. While on the other hand some families would rather not view their loved one in death and chose to remember them at moments in a happier time as they lived in life, in this case a Celebration of life can be planned after the cremation and have the remains at the service or interred prior to a celebration.

If your choice is cremation, the choice of keeping the remains of your loved one close or interring them at a cemetery needs to be made.  Sometimes family chooses cremation but would rather scatter the cremains in a favorite place that is meaningful to the life their loved one lived.

Many choices can at times seem daunting and confusing.  Our caring staff can help make sense of the options and help create a lasting and meaningful remembrance that honors and cares for the respect your loved one deserves.

Call us today and allow one of our caring professionals at Omega Funeral & Cremation help ease the stress and plan something just what your loved one would have wanted.  503 231-6030



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Basic Cremation


Basic Cremation Without Viewing / Visitation by Anyone or a Ceremony with our staff involved.

Includes basic services of our staff, facilities, initial local transportation of the deceased (within Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington & Clark counties), use of refrigeration facilities, basic cremation tray, **submission of obituary information to newspapers & placement of obituary on our website, Oregon State filing fee, 1 certified copy of the death certificate, traditional cremation process and placement of cremated remains in a minimum cardboard container.


*A credit of $15.00 may be applied to the cost of another cremation container or casket from our selection. ** does not include media/newspaper publishing fees. Complimentary (no charge) online obituary available on Omega’s website upon request.


Need Something More than Basic Cremation…

If you are looking for something more than just the basic cremation service to honor and memorialize your loved one, our caring staff can help combine several services and tailor just what you need.

All our cremation services and products can be purchased separately to help individualize and prepare the service that is perfect for your loved one.  Call us now and one of our caring staff can help answer any questions you may have.

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Basic cremation service does not include the following:

  • Cemetery charges (grave or niche, opening & closing of grave or niche and an outside burial container)
  • Additional certified copies of the death certificate
  • Honorariums, flowers, register book or reception
  • Autopsy restoration, medical examiner fees or other services
  • Cremation of deceased persons over 300 lbs.
  • Newspaper obituary publishing fees.

We understand that this is a lot to take in during a difficult time. We will advise you of any requirements that may apply in your situation and how best to meet them.

* For deaths occurring in Clark County, Washington, please add $25.00.

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