Lorinda L. West

March 21, 1967 - February 17, 2023

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Lorinda Lee Palen West

March 21, 1967 – February 17, 2023

Lorinda Lee Palen West passed away February 17, 2023 in Portland, Oregon. Lorinda was born March 21, 1967 in Inglewood California in a car in the parking lot of Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital with her older sister Laura watching from the back seat.

Lorinda had a difficult childhood being raised in multiple foster homes and State run group homes. She made it a goal to raise her daughter Elizabeth in the best way possible and try to give her all of the love she could to help her grow into a strong adult. She knew she was not perfect and felt guilty that she had not had a Mom around to learn the experience of how to raise her own child. In 1996 Lorinda would move from California to Oregon where she would be united with her Father Bob Palen and her sisters family as well as her two brothers.

Family was important to Lorinda, she was invited by her fathers side of the family for a celebration of life for “MeMe” and “Papa” in Seaside Or. July 2013. This would be the first time meeting so many families, she was nervous, scared, excited and on an emotional roller coaster, she actually got physically sick due to the emotions. The love she received from all these new found family members was a dream come true. Family and friends were very important for her and really shaped the kind of person she was.  If you worked with Lorinda then you know that you were more than an employee, you are a friend. When you are family and friends with Lorinda she would do anything for you, she felt we should always up-build, encourage, assist and be there in any way necessary for family and friends.

Lorinda is survived by her husband Robert West, she met him when she was managing the Lombard Arby’s restaurant back in 2004.  Robert came to do repairs at the restaurant and she literally told her assistant manager that was the guy she was going to marry, they were out back and she was hyperventilating. They began their friendship when she got his phone number from his boss {ex Father in Law}.

One day after work she sat in her car and collected her nerves to call him and invite him out for coffee, she had never reached out to get a date. This all came as a surprise to her family as she did not date and was not interested in dating while trying to raise a daughter.  Men would try and hit on her when she was working and she would just blow them off.  Robert has three sons and told her he was not interested in a relationship until he raised his kids, he saw too many broken families bringing people in and out of their kids’ lives while trying to raise them, the kids getting attached and then they are gone.  We hung out weekly going to billiard places, hikes, walking the city and of course eventually going with my kids skateboarding parks.

Fortunately she was patient and knew what she wanted and enjoyed being friends for eight years. She always told everyone that she stalked me for ten years, the truth is it was for only eight years, and after we were married Aug. 05, 2012. Lorinda was the best part of my life and thank God she was patient. We had an amazing 10 years of marriage and 18 years of life together and I will always treasure that time, she brought the best out of me. She adored my sons Matthew, Jason and Taylor and had an amazing bond with them, she loved having sons. Lorinda also loved are large skater family.

Lorinda is also survived by her daughter Elizabeth L. Pfeffer, she?loved her with all her heart and would do anything for her. She is survived by her three stepsons Matthew West, Jason West and Taylor West. She is survived by her sister Laura Brannan, she loved her and looked up to her. Laura helped get her out of her difficult life in California and connect her with family in Oregon.  She is survived by her brother Albert Palen and her brother Jeff Palen preceded her in death. Although she had a rough relationship with her brothers, she loved them.

Lorinda loved the water, at a young age she went to the pool as much as possible. She loved swimming so much that she joined swim teams as a child. She came to love fishing, rafting and anything to do with water. Lorinda would go to the lakes and rivers by herself to be on her raft and fishing, it was her calm, her closeness to God. She loved camping and it was a must for her to have a campsite on the riverbank, or lake bank or as close as available. We loved camping so much that our wedding anniversary was always going on a ten day camping trip. Our last anniversary trip was to California, we spent almost a month there. Being on the warm beaches of California was one of her treasured memories during her time in the hospital. Our California trip was an unrealized blessing, having that before she passed away was heartwarming as we spent time together reflecting on our life.

She also had a love of Pony cars, when younger she had a GTO and also a Camaro, later in life she had a Mitsubishi 4×4 and her big love was her Tahoe. But hot rods never left her heart, we discussed many times about getting a GTO or my favorite Mustang. Those are unrealized dreams. Of course you can’t have a car with horsepower without having speakers blasting music for the whole neighborhood to hear. I would always know when Lorinda was home because I could hear her blasting the tunes when she got to our street, especially in spring and summer when the windows are rolled down.

Speaking of spring and summer of course that means sunshine and warmth. She loved beautiful sunny days that were not too hot and meant that a tan was a must. The sun lifted her spirit and made her glow. This time of year meant it was time for all her favorite activities. Lorinda’s favorite water spot was Trillium Lake. Lorinda will be laid to rest there when we spread her ashes there as she requested, to be where she fished, tanned, floated on her raft and felt at one with the universe, with God.