Allen F. Whitaker

April 11, 1946 - December 14, 2023

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Allen Frederick Whitaker

April 11, 1946 – December 14, 2023

Allen Frederick Whitaker, known affectionately as “Big Al,” aged 78, passed from this life on December 14, 2023,at home in Damascus, Oregon. Born on April 11, 1946, in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, he was the proud son of the late Mustang Colonel William Frederick Whitaker and Katherine Allen Whitaker, an army nurse. His parents’ final resting place is at Arlington Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia.

After completing his high school education at Homer High School in Homer, New York, where he was a standout football player and a champion in shot-put, Allen pursued higher education at Cornell University, Ithaca,New York.earning a degree in biology in 1968. 1970 he completed his Masters Degree in Fishery and wildlife Biology at Colorado State University at Fort Collins, Colorado. His scholarly achievements set the foundation for a distinguished career.

Allen’s 20 year career with the Colorado division of fish and wildlife is remembered for his expertise in managing and conserving wildlife populations, primarily around Aspen Colorado. his reputation for successful Elk hunts was well known.
In 1988, Allen retired married, Barbara Giles and relocated to Portland Oregon. There he transitioned his focus to the field of heavy construction, namely, underground utilities, and later specialized in remediation of underground fuel tanks.

His commitment to the natural world was evident in his leisure activities. A passionate fisherman, Allen found joy on both the ocean and the rivers of Oregon, always willing to share tales of his catches and extend an open invitation to join him. Additionally, Allen was an avid scrapper, Diligently collecting and sorting various metals, particularly copper to sell at the scrapyard. His passion for environmental cleanliness extended to picking up bottles and cans everywhere He went sometimes to the amusement and often embarrassment of his companions.

Allen leaves behind his beloved wife of 35 years, Barbara Giles, of Damascus Oregon and his brother Daniel B. Whitaker, along with Daniel’s wife, Suzanne, of Ithaca, New York.

In honoring Allen’s final wishes, he will be cremated, with his ashes to be lovingly dispersed in two of his favorite locales: the serene waters of Tillamook Bay and the majestic mountains of Colorado, as enduring tributes to his love for the great outdoors.

Allen’s legacy is one of a life well-lived, filled with the spirit of adventure and a deep respect for nature. His stories, his laughter, and his kind-heartedness will be treasured by all who knew him.