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Wooden Urns

Lleyton Urn

Lleyton Urn. A simple and elegant wood urn in a medium walnut finish.


Cherry Scatter Urn

A scatter urn with a light cherry veneer finish that includes a sliding lid that locks in position for scattering. A built in handle making the scattering process a comfortable and controlled one.


Ornate Metallic Urns

Black Radiance

Black metal urn etched in gold.

Black Radiance Keepsake Urn. $25.00 Black Radiance Heart Keepsake Urn. $85.00 w/stand


Going Home

Silver metal etched with blue birds in flight.

Going Home Keepsake Urn. $ 25.00 Going Home Heart Keepsake Urn. $85.00 w/stand


Black Ringed (Onyx Elite)

Black ringed metal urn.

Back ringed Keepsake Urn. $ 40.00 Black ringed Heart Keepsake Urn. $85.00 w/stand


Satori Ocean

Ocean teal metal urn with silver top

Satori Ocean Keepsake Urn. $ 42.00 Satori Ocean Heart Keepsake Urn. $85.00 w/stand


Engravable Urns


Stunning colors that express the vibrant life lived. Also available in moonlight blue and pearl.


Athena Blue Urn

Elegant and timeless design. Also available in bronze

Keepsakes (also available in bronze) $25 Heart Keepsakes (also available in bronze) $85 w/stand


Classic Brass

Classic Style is elegant and tasteful, also available in pewter

Keepsake (also available in pewter) $25 Heart Keepsake (also available in pewter) $85 w/stand


Red Athena Urn

Elegant and timeless design. Also available in Blue.


Athena Metal Urn

Elegant and timeless design.

Keepsakes $25.00.  Heart Keepsakes $85.00 w/stand


Unique Urns

Book Urn

Scattering Tubes

Scattering Tubes are a beautiful way to scatter remains. Various designs are available.


Evergreen Glass Urn

Marble Urn

Available in single or double urns in a variety of marble colors. Engraved and Plain.