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Virginia M. Winslow

October 29, 1928 - March 30, 2022

Virginia Mae Winslow

October 29, 1928 – March 30, 2022



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Born October 29, 1928 in Portland, Oregon

Forever Loved and Cherished



Dad: Ross Henry Newby

Mom: Grace Ann Newby


Virginia was proceeded in death by both parents, her father Ross dying in 1952 and Her mother Grace died in 1985. Her husband Arthur J Winslow died in 1998 and best friend Aunt Ellen. Survivors include her daughter, 4 sons, 17 grandchildren, and 15 great grandchildren.

Virginia was diminutive as a toddler; in fact, she was so small that she didn’t have to walk around tables, she could simply walk under them. Although Virginia was born in Portland, she spent a number of her formative years in Skamokawa, Washington. Skamokawa is a scenic town on the shores of the Columbia River and is located about 80 miles west of Portland. Virginia attended grade school in Skamokawa, in the care of her grandmother Naomi, while her Mother found work in various areas during the Depression.

Even though her Dad and Mom were separated they both loved her very much. Although she was an only child, in part because of her charm and easy staccato laugh, she had many friends. Some so dear and close they became like family.

 For example, our Aunt Ellen was, as the title suggests, like a sister to her.

Virginia was very smart and studious, as a result she advanced not one but two grades during her scholastic career. She moved back to Portland prior to graduating from high school at age 16 during the height of World War 2. After a brief stint in college, she went to work. She worked a number of jobs before landing her career job with the Water department and the City of Portland.

Over the years she met and married her first husband in 1952 from there giving birth to Henry, Keith and Debbie. The marriage didn’t work out and she found a need to find employment in 1955 while carrying Debbie. She became the primary breadwinner for her children, receiving help from her mother.

Later, she met the love of her life Arthur J Winslow marrying him in 1966 and gave birth to a fourth child Donald Jeffrey.

She was such a hospitable and loving mother that she welcomed Donald’s best friend, James, as part of the family who is now considered to be one of her sons.

After her retirement she kept herself busy pursuing interests in artistic painting, bowling, puzzles (crossword and find-a-word), and gardening. After retirement she regularly had lunches with a group of former workmates, frequently handling the logistics’. Bowling was a passion of hers and she belonged to a league.

Virginia also loved playing cards and she loved her cats! She was very capable in caring for herself amazing us all.

Uncles: Fred, Ted and *Paul Starkey

Children:  Henry/Dorothy, Keith/Paris, Deborah, Donald, and James/Ana

*Paul’s daughter: Sarah Starkey-Lister her cousin and ours……


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Dear Mommy,
We (me 2) miss you terribly-
See you soon in Paradise!
Love U Much!
Your daughter, Debbie
Deborah Grace


My Mom,
What can I say. You loved us in a special way. If we were missing something we wouldn’t have
known it, because you made us feel secure. You are Mommy and always will be. God’s promise of life
everlasting and those sleeping in death awaiting his call to live again in paradise conditions is my hope.
I hope in Jehovah to have the joy of seeing you again.
Keith Alan



I will always remember Mom as the loving and considerate woman
that she was…. She always made me feel safe and loved.
Mom didn’t cook much while I was growing up, but when she did, it was absolutely
amazing! I still remember the fragrant smell of spices coming from the kitchen
throughout the entire house when Mom was preparing food for a gathering at the house.
Her and Aunt Ellen (second generation best friends) used to cook up a storm all day in
the kitchen when they got together! I always seemed to get kicked out when I tried to
see what was going on in there. *smile*
In Loving Memory of Mom…
-Donald, no. 3 son


Mom was such a wonderful and loving person. I am so thankful to have been a part
of her life. When my own mother passed away she was always there for me to
listen and give valuable advice. I could always count on her. She treated me
like her own son to the point that she would even introduce me as her youngest
son. I truly cherished my time with her! However, I am looking forward to
making more memories with her during our large combined family reunion in the
New World… May Jehovah keep her in His memory and return her to us at the
right time!
~ James Brown
Two qualities I’ll will always remember about My Grandmother Virginia Winslow
– her Strength! and her Determination! I will also remember how her words
and expressions, even when subtle, still carried more weight than the voice of
a crowd!
Her Children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren all love and will Miss her!
But a scripture from God’s word the Bible gives me hope!

Wise and
wonderful company
a keen mind
warmly hospitable
constantly working at
in her mouth
Keith’s Wife
Love And Miss You Mom


At Isaiah 26:19 it says “Your dead will live. My corpses will rise up. Awake and shout
joyfully, you residents in the dust! For your dew is as the dew of morning, and the
earth will let those powerless in death come to life.” Grandma and so many more;
because of the undeserved kindness of Jehovah by means of his son Jesus Christ, all
have the hope for a resurrection! This hope definitely brings me comfort!!
Jonathan Quinn Creal. Grandson


It’s not easy to say goodbye but we hope to see your smile once again in paradise. Love you Grandma!
-Tesia Carpenetti (Granddaughter)



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