Tracy M. McCloud

January 26, 1963 - April 1, 2021

Tracy McCloud PM

Tracy Marie McCloud

January 26th, 1963 – April 1st, 2021


Tracy McCloud, born January 26th 1963 was a mother, grandmother, and a loving and caring person. She had a great sense of humor with uncanny timing. She always complemented an atmosphere without the need for atten­tion. She was a strong woman that faced much adversity. Though she didn’t conquer every mountain, she never quit fighting, and through many difficult moments and seasons, her love and faith never wavered.

Tracy loved her family! Her brothers, cousins, uncles, aunts, babies, grand babies and Festus. She loved spending time with loved ones. With no agenda, she would simply enjoy the time spent. It didn’t matter if it was conversa­tion, watching TV, running errands, coloring or just sitting. She never took those moments for granted and was always appreciative for the memories made.

She loved to shower her grand babies with surprises, giving gifts at every possible opportunity. Her grandchildren loved their grandma-ma and would fight to cuddle or color with her.

We all have many memories of Tracy; most have an element of humor. It didn’t matter if she was clean and sober or off of the wagon, you can’t resist smiling or even laughing at the thought of her life stories. Whether they were simply funny or hilarious because of how utterly absurd in nature her action were at times.  She was known as both sweet and salty. She was passionate and loyal to those near her, possibly to a fault.

We thought a fun way to remember Tracy would be to take a moment and allow guest to share some memories. Preceded in death by Troy McCloud, Alex McCloud, Phyllis McCloud, Norman McCloud, Nathan Mitchell

Surviving family members are Corey McCloud, Clarissa McCloud, Chris Robbins, Joe Robbins, Jana Hudson, TJ McCloud, Riley McCloud, Judah McCloud, Ella McCloud, Festus, Kim Meola, Joe Meola, Alexandria Templeman, Adam Templeman, Michael McCloud, Connie McCloud, Quinn Ray