TiereArtice Richards

August 12, 1964 - October 18, 2021

Posted by:
Ebonii Richards

Posted on:
December 15, 2022

My GREATLY BELOVED cousin, I am so thankful to have had you grace the pages of my life. I'm still trying to piece together the fact that you're no longer in this realm. I know that you are in a much better place with Uncle Nate, Auntie Estelle, cousin Arcenia and cousin Nate and your FAVORITE Uncle my BELOVED Baba Bishop Arcenia C Richards and my Mom your Aunt Mildred C Richards PEACE BE UPON YOU ALL. I still pray for your children and grandchildren and I speak with Jax even more now that you're gone. Remember us Tee as we remember you,cheer us on and pray for us, your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews,Jax, Ric, and your cousins. I love you baby girl and I miss you LOADS. Love Ebs