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TiereArtice Richards

August 12, 1964 - October 18, 2021





TiereArtice Richards

August 12th, 1964 – October 18, 2021


TiereArtice Richards, affectionately known as “Tiere,” was born in Chicago, Illinois on August 12, 1964, to the late Nathanial Richards and the late Estelle Richards.

Tiere moved to Portland, Oregon, where she resided throughout her life. After graduating from Grant High School, she served in the United States Army, was honorably discharge, and for a season was employed as an Administrative Assistant.

Tiere was funny and loved to joke around. Yet as a mother of two sons she knew how important it was to put the clamps down. She meant what she said and said what she meant. If Gary was in trouble, Madison was in trouble as well. Though she was often viewed as super stern on her sons, it was her love that surpassed all. One minute she would be super hard, and the next it was all good and all love. She was affectionate and always gave her sons hugs and kisses. Even as adults she would hug and kiss Madison and Gary. Yes, they would be embarrassed, however Tiere would simply tell them “Hush I’m still your momma!” She was the same way with her grandchildren.

She was a caring and supportive mom who LOVED all sports event, showed up all the time, and was the LOUDEST PARENT IN THE STANDS. You could hear her from one end of the football stadium to the other. By the time the game was over, you knew Madison and Gary were her boys. Tiere was super proud of Madison and Gary, and always bragged about them and her grandchildren. Her son’s accomplishments were her accomplishments. She held on to and cherished their diplomas, school rings, police certificates, etc. She would have kept Madison’s badge if she could have.

Tiere extended this same care and support to other kids as she would provide snacks for kids whose parents were unable to be present at the games. She would even open her home to kids that were kicked out of their home BUT would always encourage them to kiss and make up with their parents.

Tiere’s unconditional love will be greatly missed and always cherished in the hearts of her sons: Madison Ceaser and Gary Stevenson; grandchildren: Khloe Ceaser and Langston Ceaser; siblings: Ricky Richards and Jacqueline Richards; and a host of other relatives and friends.

Funeral Services will be held Friday November 5th, 2021 at 11:00 AM at Omega Funeral & Cremation Service, Portland, Oregon.

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