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Steven J.M. Perez

November 1, 1973 - February 20, 2019

Steven James Manuel Perez  November 1, 1973 – February 20, 2019. Steven leaves behind his parents Susan Norman and James Crawford Perez who taught him that being true to your self in a time and world that does not understand is the greatest courage one can have. Steven also leaves behind his younger brother Devlin Thomas Stuart Perez who mentored him in the many and at times interesting ways that loving brothers do and Devlin’s beloved wife Jenn totally a loving sister whom Steven adored. Stevens life was cut short by cancers unknown and unpredictable until he fell ill earlier this year. Steven had met a life time of health issues head on and was prepared to do this battle. It gave him only 10 days. His last wishes were “Please no memorial service; and write this as my epitaph for me: NEVER GAVE UP; NEVER GAVE IN.”

Our wishes are that he rest in peace. Thank you all who gave Steven the wonderful care he received in his last days.