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Shana J. Knight

January 11, 1971 - November 14, 2020

Shana Jean Knight

January 11, 1971 – November 14, 2020


Shana Jean Knight of Portland Oregon, at the Age of 49, was taken home to her lord on the evening of November 14, 2020.

Shana was born on January 11, 1971 after a snowy, slick trip from Fossil Oregon to The Dalles. She was the first child of Mike and Wanda [Reed] Knight. Also, in attendance for her birth was her grandmother [Betty] and long-time friend Judy. During contraction it was Betty who stood by Mom’s bed while Mike and Judy played Poker on the floor awaiting her arrival. Then mom was wheeled away so that everyone could finally meet her.

As a little Girl Shana loved making surprises for someone she loved, with her own flare to the gift. After a cold day playing in the snow with her sisters [Lori, Jolene] and Lucky [family dog] she liked nothing better than the taste of hot coco [she continued to love the taste even into adulthood] As a child we would go on long, long walks so that she could touch every flower, rock and tree, she needed to discover the world around her, she would help in our garden, trying to make things grow [till she got older and realized that it was a lot of work ] there were family trips to the beach. Playing with the plastic buckets; filling them with broken shells, while seagulls chased her. Spending summers playing in the sprinkler and slip-n-slides. Water fights that could last for hours with her dad and sisters. Trips to Colorado to see her Granddad Reed. Riding horses and building crooked fences.

One time her and her little sister ended up lost while following a drainage ditch. Biggest adventure ever. Getting wet, chased by bulls and stray dogs. Never fear though she knew to stop at a house with toys to get the help they needed. She was smart that way. Shana loved sewing and even did 4H and brownies as a kid. One of her proudest moments was when she completed a blue stripped shorts outfit on her own. Holidays were spent with family and friends, she loved seeing Cousins, Aunts, and Uncles that she did not get to see the rest of the year. Having the inside scoop of surprise gifts was always a favorite. She was the family present passer outer and no one else, unless she wanted them to; could help. The job was hers, there were family games nights playing battle ship, Uno and trivial pursuit. That game was played so much they did not even need to finish a question before you got an answer.

If it was not games then it was scary or funny movies while eating popcorn just made from the stove. When her dad would go on the road, sometimes she would get to join him. Getting to sleep in the sleeper and eating her meals on the doghouse, pretending to drive and stopping at greasy truck stops. Shana got to be a mother and a wife. Something she always wanted to be ever since she took care of her baby [Lori] after Mom and dad had the audacity to bring her home and keep her. Her first child was Serena Born 1990. Nickolas soon followed in 1992 and finally Faith in 2005. They were the light of her life, the stars in her eyes, the spring in her step, they were her pride and joy. She continued some of the same tradition that she did as a child like long walks with her kids, going to the beach. She still collected sea shells as well as angles. She never gave up her love of scary movies but watched super natural because it was both scary and funny.

She had a gift of kindness with no judgements, she tried to help where ever she could, and when you spoke to her she listened with her whole heart. Shana had a full life with beautiful memories of trips with Aunt Pam and Uncle Tumaldo [AKA Rumaldo] weekends in Fossil seeing Granny and Granddad as well as Uncles, Aunts and Cousins. Family reunions. Walks on beaches, climbs to mountain tops, guns being shot and love being given. She is missed, thought of and loved beyond the heavens.

We know she had many to comfort her on this last trip as she was proceeded in death by Great, Great grandparents Clyde and RJ Britt of Fossil OR, Grandparents John and Florene Reed of Dolores Colo, Grandparents Art and Betty Knight of Portland OR, Uncle Bob and Uncle John Britt, Uncle Rumaldo Rubi.

In lieu of flowers we ask that you instead donate to The Dougy center, this is a non-profit organization that helps children, teens and young adults and their families grieving a death.

Address: 3909 SE 52nd Ave Portland, OR 97206 – Phone: 503-775-5683 – Website:


The world stopped today.

It was just for a moment,

The rest of the world did not see,

The world stopped today and it was just for me

A moment to just catch my breath

As my heart swelled with love

The world stopped today as I held you in my arms

I gave you a kiss, and grabbed your hand and whispered so you’d know

“Every moment with you is special, embedded deep within, you have always had my love,

You have always owned my heart, no matter where we go in life, we are never truly apart”

The world stopped today; it was just for a moment.

By J.L


A private family service will be held

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