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Kenneth F. Keist

April 6, 1988 - October 30, 2021


Kenneth Franklin Keist


April 6, 1988 – October 30, 2021



On October 30, 2021 Kenneth Franklin Keist died of an accidental overdose in his home in Ridgefield, WA

Kenneth was born at his Portland home on April 6, 1988.  His birth Mom, Charmaine Kinney rushed to her sister’s home when she went into labor.  It would be several hours before Kenneth was born.  At nine pounds, eight ounces he was a lot to deliver.  Charmaine’s sister, Kim would become his adoptive Mom and her husband, Noble his adoptive Dad.  Kenneth would be raised knowing that both women were his mom’s and loved him with all their hearts.  He had four brothers and five sisters but they were not raised in the same home.

At age five, Kenneth moved to LaCenter with his Dad and Mom to a home they had built on five acres.  Kenneth attended LaCenter, WA schools and enjoyed fishing, golfing, bowling, hunting and riding ATV’s.  If not, busy outdoors he would be found indoors watching football with his dad.  He was always in competition with his dad; to catch the largest fish, drive the furthest ball, or have the highest score.  They would even compete on road trips, yelling my train when spotting a moving train worth two points, or a parked train worth one point, or a train backing up on the tracks worth four points.  Of course, they would play Slug Bug as well, vigilant to spot that camper van worth four points.  They remained rivals and friends forever.  Kenneth loved the Oregon Ducks.  Noble loved the Oregon State Beavers and Auburn Tigers.  When they played each other, competition was in full swing?  You could hear the cheers and jeers from the neighbor’s house two acres away.  They each had their team jerseys on and the mascots nearby routing for their teams.

His pets through out his youth and adulthood were extremely important to him.  He treated his dogs just like his own children.  From the hunting dogs to the little dogs, they were his happy place.

Christmas was also a very special time for Kenneth.  He loved the huge family gatherings and the equally impressive trees.  The first time his parents decided to get an eight-foot tree instead of the sixteen-foot tree he was so dejected.  The bigger the better.  He always had the job of placing the angel on the top of the tree.  Once his daughter, Aribella understood how to place the angel on the tree top he would place her on his wide shoulders and assist her in placing the angel in just the right spot.

Kenneth was always a great friend.  He watched over his friends, making sure no harm came to them.  He was gentle, kind, compassionate, talented, smart man and his daughter, Bella was his pride and joy, his reason to live.  He was so excited to watch the birth of his amazing little miracle.  Bella is an extension of his very self.  He was an amazing father.  His face lit up as he watched Bella grow into her own personality. 

Kenneth struggled with addiction from age twenty to present.  He worked hard at staying sober for several years prior to and after Bella’s birth.  He wanted to make sure he would raise Bella and provide guidance that only a father can provide.  The last couple of months he was trying to find a way back to treatment.  He wanted to be here for his daughter. 

Kenneth’s birth dad is a member of the Assiniboine Sioux tribe of Fort Peck, MT.  Kenneth was a registered member of the tribe and strived to identify with his native roots.  His brothers and sisters would show him how to dance and provide drum lessons.  Kenneth had a great voice.  The wolf was his spirit animal.

Kenneth is survived by his daughter, Aribella Keist, his mother’s Kim Keist and Charmaine Kinney, his grandmother, Rose Kinney, his brothers, Joshua Jessup, David Spotted Eagle, Steven Paul, and Noble K Keist, his sisters, Angelique Spotted Eagle, Alicia Spotted Eagle, Harmony Paul, Deanna Keist and Cindy Cross and Aunt Cecilia Boyce and his faithful companion, Dabs.

Kenneth was proceeded in death by his loving father, Noble H. Keist, his grandmother, Neville Keist and his faithful companions, Bridget, Lady, Roger, Star and Kisses.

The memorial service will be held at 3:00 p.m. on November 13, 2021 at Great Spirit church, 3917 NE Shaver, Portland, OR.  He will be cremated and later interned at Lincoln Memorial.

In lieu of flowers memorial donations can be made to the FIN foundation in care of the Great Spirit church or Native American Rehabilitation Association (NARA) of Portland, OR.         

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