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Kathleen L. Garber

January 21, 2022


Kathleen Louise Garber (Coppen)



Kathleen Louise Garber (Coppen), lived a life full of love in Portland, OR. At the tender young age of 71, her ride came to take her to that big party in the sky.

She is preceded in death by her Father Ralph Coppen 11/1968, Mother Margaret Schmidt (Corn) 01/1999, her Grandmother Clara Caldwell 10/2001, and the love of her life for 30+ years, Martin “Marty” Cox 01/2021.

She was born in February of 1950 in Houston, Texas, grew up in Phoenix, and traveled throughout her younger years, making as many friends as there are stars in the sky. You may know her as Gidget, or Gidge, earned by her tiny stature, red hair, and charismatic presence. She attended Catholic school at Bourgade, and implemented a philosophy of “if you want to have fun, we can be friends.” After graduating she was ready to see what was out there. A pillowcase full of clothes, and a thumbs up, saw her through her travels. She had a family that grew and grew. She married John Dellinger, and Timothy Garber. She was irresistible. The gifts of life she gave were in partnership with John, Raymond Saay, and Timothy. With them, she gave life to 4 daughters. She had many great loves. The ONE for her was Marty (Martin) Cox, who got picked up last year. We are sure he saved her a seat on the party bus.

This beautiful woman gave birth to 4, but she was Mother to so very, very many. Sisters and brothers, friends and lovers, she truly had a habit of seeing the good in everyone. She’d see it, and make sure you did too. All were dear to her, as she was to them. Any attempt to quantify the love she spread, would be an injustice. All that know her, know she was an enigma, a dancer, a poet, and a green thumb. The story of her life is richer than gold and diamonds. So much so, that a few sentences could never capture such a life. It was full of love and occasionally, serious sass. She was the life of any party she was at. Her love was boundless and free, and freely given. She was brave and bold, wild and welcoming. She worshipped at the shrine of Big Love and everyone she touched felt that genuine love radiate from her. She was fair, loyal, and never judgmental.

She is survived by 6 beautiful sisters, Beatrice (Tina), Anne-Marie, Barbara, Marjorie (Marjie), Teresa, and Robbin, and 2 handsome brothers Ralph and Patrick, 5 daughters, 4 by biology Julie, Jamie, Kimli, and Katrina, 1 by good fortune, Tiara (Tia). Many sons and daughters, grand babies, Karl, Amber, Steven, Jazzmyn, Joseph, Rowan, Theoden, Lily, James, Augustine, Avalon, Ariana, and Parker, great grand babies Luke, Bellamy, and Greyson, lovers, friends, and sons in laws, Tristian, Steve, and Steven, waitresses around the world, all may grieve the loss of her light on this world. While it may be less obvious now, her light will keep shining as long as good exists in this world. She will be missed beyond measure, but never, ever forgotten.


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