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Joyce A. Rose

July 13, 1952 - May 12, 2022

Posted by:
Kristie Taggart

Posted on:
June 18, 2022

Joyce Agnes Rose. I always loved to call her by her whole name it was a name she was proud to have Agnes was a grandmother or great grandmother to her. I miss you so much Joyce. We shared some wonderful years together making jewelry painting bird houses & boxes. What an awesome crafty person Joyce is. Her hands are very strong because she was an engineer at a Job wowowowowzers I always had to ask her for help because my hands don't work too good. She was always willing and able to help me whenever I needed it. She was a true friend. I miss you Joyce, her jobs that she loved she worked with her hands so much. Doing jewelry wow amazing jewelry painting & of course the Rock's! Omg ? she loved rocks just like me. Omg Joyce, I miss you so much it hurts. I've been trying to get thru these days after hearing of your death. I'm too late to come see you. Life has a way of creating busy schedules. My health started to get real bad I'm looking at back surgery... It's no excuse just truth. Heathy is where Joyce was headed. She was Getting on top of her Health. So many times I asked her to go see some Dr's regarding her painful purple legs. We still never figured out why her feet and legs were purple. We knew the circulation was struggling.& Her back, hips, neck lungs. My goodness she was trying to catch up with my pain levels.i guess. Not good. After all my accidents it was difficult to go see here like I wanted to. Omg Joyce I really miss our talks. Our quality time. The times you took me to the beach. I'm so grateful ? I had the opportunity to know you as I do. Miss Joyce as I always called her, I love you sister. I'll never forget you. And all the trinkets you shared with me. I'll cherish them throughout my lifetime. You will never be forgotten. Thank you for being you. I'll be seeing you again one day, until then my Daddy, my shaggy dog, my grandparents are all with Jesus. Welcome home Joyce. Well done. I know you're with your mother & Father Goldie & Al I'm sure Jesus has greeted you home. It keeps me sane knowing you're there with your husband Al. Wow how awesome to see him again. It's been so long since you saw him. Yes, I've spoken to Joyce here in this post why because she is my sister whom I love and miss dearly. I hope one day I'll be happy and content like her. I loved everything about her. Her green thumb. Oh she could grow anything. Until we meet again Miss Joyce, I'll be seeing you again one day. Until then keep a watch over me. Kick me in the ass if I need it. You always had the best advice you were my confidant. Holding secrets in that only you and I know. I feel so special too have had the opportunity to get to know you as I did. Take care of you. I'll Always be you're sister in Christ. We often spoke about God in our life. Miss Joyce loved old Bibles too. Lol it made me laugh how much we were alike & how much we loved the same things. I loved her kitchen. She had everything you ever needed. I miss you so much it hurts Joyce. YOU got this ticket home. Lucky girl. I Love you ? I'll keep you alive in the heart! Sincerely, Kristie Taggart 5037536792