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Jesse L. Halford

April 3, 1960 - March 14, 2021

Jesse Halford


April 03, 1960 – March 14, 2021

Jesse was full of life and made friends easily.  He struck up conversations with anyone he encountered, wait staff, gas station attendants, people in line at the grocery store, or someone he passed on the street.  He loved to laugh and liked to play jokes on people, especially his sister when they were children.  He would tease and then laugh, laugh and laugh.  His joking and teasing were, of course, a sign of affection.

One of his passions was watching sports.  He loved any and all but especially liked football and baseball.   He was a lifelong fan of the Miami Dolphins and the Oregon Ducks. It wasn’t in anyone’s best interest to say they were a fan of a team opposing the Dolphins or Ducks because he would vehemently explain why you were in the wrong camp.

Jesse also enjoyed playing baseball and he grew up skiing on Mt. Hood.  He was fearless on the slopes and it was fortunate that he wasn’t hurt.  He was extremely fit and worked out to stay strong for most of his adult life.

A strong faith in God was a pillar in his life.  He prayed regularly for guidance and direction.  His belief in God helped him conquer challenges in his life.

Jesse will be deeply missed by his family and friends.