Jenifer L. Valley

April 19, 1968 - August 11, 2022

Jenifer Leigh Valley “Stoney Girl” of Happy Valley Oregon

On 7am August 11, 2022 Jenifer passed away at home in bed with her loving husband at her side. Jenifer was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in February of this year after enduring 5 years of excruciating stomach pain that went untreated by her medical team primarily due to her fight against the failed war on drugs. Jenifer was 54 years old.

Jenifer was born in Blue Ash Ohio on April 19th 1968 by her mother Miriam “Ginger” Duncan and father Robert N. Valley.  She was the first of three girls. Jen spent most of her childhood growing up and graduating high school in this small suburb of Cincinnati.  She spent a lot of time with her Grandma Rose at the convent and loved her Cincinnati chili dogs.

Jenifer had fond memories of her early childhood traveling to and from the Bahamas with her pregnant mother and father on their small boat. She kept in contact with “Uncle Dave Spooner” her father’s best friend throughout her life.

Jenifer was patient number 700 early on in 1998 in the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program. This led her to become an activist for patient rights and a lifetime of successful work in business, education, research and politics.

In the early 90s she was diagnosed with the most advanced case of Thyroid cancer. Her treatment consisted of swallowing the highest amount of radiation ever given to a patient. OHSU built a lead lined room on the 5th floor for this exploratory treatment on her. The entire process was documented in book form for learning. In 2002 she was declared cancer free after utilizing a cannabis extract that she made from plants that she designed. She was cancer free until February of 2022 when she was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer.

Jenifer founded Stoney Girl Gardens in 1998. It is the oldest medical cannabis seed company in the US. She was the first American company to be recognized internationally and quickly became the featured “girl next door” of the industry. Jenifer became a well-known public figure from the work she had accomplished in research and development of medical cannabis strains and their applications.

Jenifer and her work are published in such notable works as the Big Book of Buds 4, High Times, Skunk and thousands more. Her work is often featured on the covers. She has won awards and been celebrated for her work and accomplishments. Jenifer often challenged the standards and always brought new perspectives that changed the world and set new bars.

Jenifer was an educator and founder of Portlandsterdam University, a training center for all things cannabis. Portlandsterdam University operated from 2002 till 2017 and has a history of seeding the industry and culture. Her work is posted on her website gro4me, YouTube and

She married Mike Mullins twice, once at a Pagan ceremony in 2000 and formally in 2017 at Cannon Beach. The official at both ceremonies was Noreen Arnold, her long time best friend and the person who officially gave her the name “Stoney Girl. They had to move the ceremony to Cannon Beach after their original plan at the beach in Manzanita had a tornado demolish the site and town. Manzanita was her favorite beach location where she spent time with the grandchildren and her beloved dog Arianna. She also liked to spend time in the mountain streams playing at the banks and finding her rocks.

Jenifer was founder of Stoney Only, her personal dispensary opened in 2015,  located in Clackamas, OR. She was also founder of Club Pit Bull, a franchise of over 50 operating Medical Dispensaries located throughout the state of Oregon. Jenifer established each of these and integrated the business model or otherwise single handedly leveraged for the state to create the laws and regulations to allow for such industry. The first dispensary in 2010 in Oregon is Club Pit Bull located in Salem and is still open today.

Jenifer was a member of the Board of Directors for several organizations such as Voter Power, NORML, Stoney Girl California and Nevada, and many other entities too long to list. She maintained Stoney Girl Gardens as an influential and independent organization to influence without attachments. She was often considered controversial as she expressed and enacted her views. She never needed anyone’s approval and was a true pioneer.

Jenifer was an outspoken, active politician. She filed and ran for Clackamas County Commissioner #3 in 2017. Although she ran against heavy odds, she took over 10% of the vote which is considered by her party phenomenal for a first time run and considering she spent less than $300 in her campaign compared to the thousands of opponents. She had planned to run again the following term and planned to win however her health prevented her to continue. She was a respected member of The Presidents Council. Her VoteJeniferValley Facebook page is still available for viewing.

Jenifer was first in many things and always against all odds. She was the first cannabis company to be operated by a woman and be recognized internationally, first to create dispensaries in Oregon, march in the Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade, join the Chamber of Commerce, and be a major sponsor for the most premier democrat fundraiser in Oregon. She is truly immortalized by many of her followers.

Her work was tireless and unselfish, and she got to live her dreams and accomplish her life goals. She wanted everyone, especially her grandchildren to know that even against all odds you as a single individual can make a difference and you can change the world.  Believe, Educate, Fight, Question, Vote.

Jenifer is survived by her husband Mike Mullins of Happy Valley, siblings Amy Valley of Portland, Oregon, Brandy Deppert of Salinas, California, Roy D. Duncan of Collinsville, Illinois, and Amy Duncan Paolo of Milford, Ohio. Her nieces and nephews include Jose Melendez, Rowan Galloway, David Duncan, Ginger Duncan, Will Galloway

Jenifer’s children include Elizabeth Valley and London Lieberman.

Jenifer’s grandchildren include Cassius Weaver, Odysseus Weaver, Persayus Weaver, and Anameus Weaver.

Any formal services will be closed.

 Celebration of Life

Jenifer influenced many people. We want to give everyone who knew her a chance to celebrate her life and influence on the universe and give thanks to the stars. We are planning a Celebration of Life for September 24th at Canamore Farms.


Canamore Farms

18929 S Redland Road

Oregon City, Oregon 97045

Camp Area and RV Area Available. Please contact us so we know you are coming or if you have questions.

September 24th – Official Celebration Day. Food, Music, TieDye Stoney Girl Shirts, swimming, floating, hiking and lots of nature. Cannabis smoking permitted and enthusiastically recommended.

A memorial area will be established to pay final respects, light a candle, leave a note or just a thank you. Her crown, wand and urn will be present.  All memorabilia left at the memorial will be placed into a time capsule.

Formal celebration at sunset on Saturday followed by Fireworks on the Lake.

We have a beautiful farm location with a private lake and plenty of room for parking. Weather permitting, bring your favorite floaty or kayak. Bring your fishing pole or bird watching glasses. Come chill and enjoy a day in nature with Stoney Girl crew and celebrate the wonderful adventures of Jenifer Valley.

September 25th – Lay back, Load Out

Camp Area and RV Area Available. Please contact us so we know you are coming or if you have questions.