Jason L. Mastne

February 21, 1972 - July 21, 2022



Jason Mastne


February 21, 1972

July 21, 2022


Jason LeRoy Mastne was born on February 21, 1972. He was 50 years old, although he would swear he was 49. He is survived by his son Aurther Frank Mastne, and adopted son Aaron Mathewson.

He is also survived by his ex-wife Kristin Mathewson

.The youngest of 5 siblings, he is survived by Timothy Mastne, Kenneth Mastne, Richard Mastne and Barbra O’Brien.

He was preceded in death by his father Don Mastne (William Mariano) and Joanna Marie Hazeltine

A very hardworking, dedicated man, Jason would never turn down work. He soon was promoted to Traffic Control Supervisor and was a big asset to his company. He wasn’t a big talker, he preferred to show you what he meant. He was a bit quirky, a bit goofy, and a bit of a prankster. He loved Star Trek, Coca Cola and spaghetti. He was the kind of guy who would help you search for your keys for 30 minutes and then not get mad when you found them in your pocket. He would tease you about it, though.

He was a backyard mechanic, and would always lend a hand to help out around the house. He was kind and generous. When his father became ill last year, Jason helped to care for him. He always cared about family, FAMILY most of all.

He will be deeply missed by family and friends. Rest in peace Jason, we love you.


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