Gail Baranski

October 17, 1951 - December 29, 2022


Gail Baranski


October 17, 1951 – December 29, 2022


Gail L. Baranski, outlived her mother and father:  Marie and John Baranski as well as her brother Johnny.

She was born Oct 17, 1951 in Chicago, Illinois.  Her life was riddled with challenges after she contracted meningitis at three years of age.  In the 1950’s there were few opportunities in school nor in the community for children with different abilities. Gail was home schooled by her mother. She loved math and learned to read by reading the Bible with her mother.

Gail enjoyed traveling with her mother and father. San Francisco was her favorite city (other than Chicago). In 1981 she walked across the Golden Gate Bridge; she was brave!  Gail was an avid Cubs fan all of her life.

In 1973 she was able to connect with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and found supported employment at the Oak Park Center (Oak-Lyden Developmental Service now).   After completing work training there she was able to secure a position at the Eisenhower Public Library in Harwood Heights near where her parents lived in Norridge, IL.  She was able to walk to the bus and ride to work in 20 minutes.  After work she’d end her workday, she’d attend the 5 PM Mass at Our Lady Mother Catholic Church.

Gail was resilient. She managed to recover from several falls caused by her seizure disorder.  As with many things she proved that she was a capable woman.  She liked work, playing games, socializing and attending Church.

Gail moved with her mother to Portland, Oregon in 1990 in order to be closer to her brother Johnny and family.  She transitioned from her work at the Library in Norridge to Supported employment in Portland. Wanting more independence so she moved into a Group Home in North Portland and later to SE Portland.  Gail valued her work.  She enjoyed her Lego, as she liked keeping her mind busy.  She felt very supported by the staff at Jim’s Place Group Home where she died peacefully on December 29, 2022.

Gail is survived by her Nieces and Nephew:  Margo Williams (Byron), Amy Baranski (Bob), and Michael Baranski (Chelsea) and her grandnephews: Ty and Caleb Williams, Japhy Redmond, and Lucas and Felix Baranski.