Derek A. Johnson

August 15, 1975 - July 27, 2022

In Memory of Derek Alan Johnson

Born August 15th, 1975 in Dayton, Ohio

Went to his eternal home in Heaven on July 27th, 2022.


Derek was kind to everyone. He lived his life to the fullest, bringing people together and amplifying love… And here are words directly from Derek:

“About myself… hmmm. Let’s see. I used to be a nurse. I worked in the music industry for over a decade. I was a cryptologist in the Navy. But those are just paths I was on. They don’t really tell you who I am.

I love spending quality time with people. I dropped out of my old life to take a new direction. Decompression. I came out to PDX about 8 years ago to focus on my health and to be close to the mountains and the coast. I’m into learning about healing modalities. I feel like it would take a lifetime to understand all that I would like to. I’m an avid cyclist, into both social and solo. I like camping, hiking, backpacking, road trips, Airbnb weekends, travel, live music, dancing until the sun comes up, and basically just enjoy the minutiae in each moment. I like tinkering with music, photography, and motion graphics projects.

I’m really into social justice, volunteerism, veganism, balancing health with fun, discovering new cliques of awesome humans, having compersion for the people in my life, as well as compassion and empathy. I get out of bed most mornings to see if I can make today better than the last. I dream of lots of things as I drift off to sleep. Usually something about the complex nature of humans, cosmology, neuroscience, physics, multiple dimensions, plant medicines, ENM, love languages, touch, interaction, acceptance, my higher self, reaching beyond my limited perception. It’s kinda busy up there sometimes so I dream of people and a feeling of oneness or wholeness.

Then there is all of this connection that [I] love so much. I think we all do. I reach out with an open heart and an open mind. I am very passionate about community. I like long ongoing friendships that have no expectation or destination. Just trying to ride the ebb and flow. I like to know people deeply, whatever that looks like. To see and be seen. To have understanding. I am super affectionate. I appreciate forward people who can speak their truth and have open communication. I dig independence. I like conversation. Even the small talk. I like new relationship energy and crushes. I’m very playful when I’m engaged by others. I’m emotionally intelligent, but always learning. I’m captivated by the divine feminine and the way energy flows between people.”

Derek will be loved and remembered by those he left behind; His mother Sondra Kay Phillips-Ison, father Alan Johnson, stepmother Ana Johnson, half-sister Audrey Benacquisto, nephew Bryan Ball, niece Kaylee Ball, and stepbrother Chris Wolff as well as extended family and Portland community who he dearly loved. He was preceded in death by step father George Wolff and sister, Heather Ball. He will forever be missed.


Memorial services held at Woodland Cemetery

Saturday, August 27th at 1 PM

Dayton, OH 45409


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