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Debra D. Reyes

November 10, 1958 - July 10, 2022

Posted by:
Dennis Bourdette, MD

Posted on:
July 22, 2022

I was honored to serve as Debra's neurologist from the early 1980s until my retirement in 2019. For a number of years, her myasthenia gravis was difficult to control and she underwent two surgeries and trials of a few medications until we finally found a treatment regimen that worked for her. She faced side-effects from treatments and set backs with determination and humor. She also took control of her illness and knew more about myasthenia gravis than most doctors. I took to calling her "Dr. Reyes" because she clearly wanted to make knowledgeable decisions about treatment of her condition. She was one of my favorite patients and the strongest and bravest patient I have ever known. I will miss her. Dennis Bourdette, MD

Posted by:
Cindy McGonigal

Posted on:
July 19, 2022

I met Debra first In Cabo with my long time high school friend Paul . Chatted a lot got burned really bad the rest of the trip ! Lesson learned . The next time I saw her was for dinner in Vancouver. I then learned that Paul was not a people person , which is funny because we have been friends since HS and I had no idea ! Deb was the people person . I will never forget those encounters. I wish everyone well and prayers for healing . Much love