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Danny M. Hill

April 29, 1945 - September 27, 2019

U.S. Veteran

Danny M. Hill

1945 – 2019

Gregarious and friendly Danny Hill never ever met a stranger. He was unfailingly polite and thoughtful, polite with a wicked sarcastic sense of humor. Liked by all and loved by many he passed from our lives after a courageous battle with cancer. When Danny was diagnosed he was diligent about making sure that he followed the medical team’s instructions to the letter. It should be noted that the way he handled his illness is the same way he lived his life, and could be his motto, He Showed Up. He could be counted on and was equal to the task.

Danny was always there with a willing hand and ready smile, and was fully equipped with a joke or a smoke, ready for a good time. Danny was a true MacGuyver–he could fix or build anything and was meticulous in his work. Unselfish and always willing to share his time, friends and family were confident in his abilities and knew that Danny was just a phone call away if they needed anything: tiling, wallpapering, plumbing, just shooting the breeze, you name it. He had a lifelong passion for anything mechanical, and the man was an absolute genius with cars. You knew Danny had his head under the hood when you heard Van Morrison coming from the garage.

Danny and best friend/wife Joan were together for 40 years, married for 24 years. The two met on a blind date that included dinner and a Monty Python movie. Despite the fact that Danny thought the movie was hysterical, and Joan didn’t, they built a strong relationship: wrestling with life together, loving and laughing together until the last.

They bought their first of three RV’s and traveled Oregon with a great group of friends. Weekdays they would pick up and go to their favorite spots: Trillium Lake, Mt. Hood RV Park, Crane Prairie, crabbing in Nehalem Bay, wherever the wind blew. When Danny and Joan pulled in the party started! A beer in one hand and a story (or an embellished anecdote depending on your perspective) on his lips they spent many nights under the stars enjoying each other and their friends. Holidays were celebrated at the beach or in Maui. At home Danny built an enormous deck in the backyard and they celebrated birthdays, anniversaries and just plain life whenever they could. These and many other adventures provided fond memories for years.

Danny worked at many automotive related jobs throughout the year, eventually owning his own business. One memorable incident occurred when Joan drove the RV ‘to pick him up from work so they could go out of town for the weekend. Joan decided to get coffee at a drive through and ended up taking out an overhanging sign. Without missing a beat Joan continued to where he was working and the entire crew of mechanics was on hand to watch her sheepishly drive up with a good portion of the sign still on the RV roof! After a great deal of hooting and hollering they helped take the sign down and further “helped” by duct taping the damage to the RV. After that Danny and Joan were off to enjoy their weekend at the beach. Understandably this story was told and retold at all the get-togethers.

Danny was a Gunners Mate in the Navy and served two tours in Viet Nam. He was honorably discharged and served several years in the Naval Reserve.

Upon retirement, Danny moved to a small home in Troutdale near the Sandy River. Like everyone else, Danny could be quietly introspective and was often found peacefully contemplating nature and life in general. He would often sit and listen to the river speak his name.

His family would like to thank the Veterans Administration & OHSU medical teams for their care concern and unfailing kindness during his treatments. He made some wonderful friends at the VA and he always remembered their faces, names and stories they shared, and he made sure to leave them with a smile.

Danny is survived by Joan and niece Nicole Keller and her sons Maverick and Weston, Joan’s daughter Lisa Dubish her husband Steve and grandson Alex and his children David and Heather. He is also mourned by sisters Kathy, Melissa and Shannon.

In lieu of flowers the family requests donations instead to Candlelighters for Children with cancer.  CLICK HERE FOR THEIR WEBSITE

The best testament to Danny’s life would be that we take a page from his book– and when someone else is down help lift them up with a smile or a laugh, and Just Show Up. Cheers to you Danny Hill, cheers.

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