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Beverly L. Carr

January 2, 2021

Beverly LaVelle Carr

1936 – 2021


Beverly LaVelle Carr died peacefully in her sleep at her home in Gresham, Oregon on January 2, 2021. She is now with her Lord and Savior, whom she loved dearly.
Bev Carr was born at her parents farmhouse in Redmond, Oregon on March 28, 1936, because there was not enough time to get to the hospital. Bev lived the rest of her life in this fast-paced manner, particularly true in her career at the Federal Reserve.


Bev was living in Vanport when the flood hit in 1948 and her family lost everything they had. She recalled that she was looking forward to going into junior high the following year and was disappointed when she found that by moving to North Portland, she would be going to a regular 7th grade class. She remained in North Portland through her teen years and graduated from Roosevelt High School in 1954.
Bev’s only job in her teen years was picking berries, so it was quite a big step the day she applied for her first “real” job. Her father worked at the phone company and a friend worked at the Federal Reserve Bank, so she applied at both places. The Federal Reserve was the first to call her back, so she took that job and ended up working there her entire working career. As a child, Bev liked to play office and got some early training in shuffling papers, which she found very useful in her many years in the fiscal department at the Federal Reserve.
She started her career in July of 1954 in the mail department as amessenger. She remained there for 3 months and then moved to the fiscal stub desk. Bev held many positions, including cash department, collections clerk, bookkeeper, and redemption teller. In 1970 she became the first woman at the Portland Fed in a lead position. She held positions of Supervisor of Redemptions, Supervisor of Fiscal Transactions, Supervisor of Securities, and Supervisor of Marketable Securities. She was later put on special assignment.
Bev loved to travel. She visited the Philippines, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Hawaii, Mexico, and even Russia. In addition, she traveled extensively as a result of her work position. She was one of two representatives sent to The Federal Reserve branch in Philadelphia and in Washington DC for specific training.
Bev has been an active member of the Christian Church. She taught Sunday school for many years. She enjoyed being with young people and studying God’s Word.
After retiring, Bev was able to finally relax. Besides traveling, she enjoyed ‘puttering’ with her geraniums, roses, and other beautiful flowers. Bev was an avid bowler and she liked to read, play cards and working on her colored pencil art. Though Bev did not have children of her own, she enjoyed the company of her numerous nieces and nephews, and was cherished as a close member of the family.
Bev is preceded in death by her parents (Oscar and Elfa Chitwood), her four brothers (Lester, Harold, Ron, and Eldon), one sister (Eleanor Long).
Bev is survived by her two sisters, Glenda Sheldon and Lorene Kidd. She is also survived by numerous nieces, nephews, great-nieces, great-nephews, great-greats and even great-greatgreats.



At Bev’s request, there will be no memorial service, instead, eat a banana split in her honor

Carr, Bev Banana Split full

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