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Bernard G. Hubbard

May 17, 1928 - April 12, 2022

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Bernard G Hubbard, a dedicated runner and a wonderful high school English teacher with a radiant smile, died April 12, 2022, at 11:20 PM in Milwaukee, OR. Originally from Pittsfield, Mass., Bernie lived at Clackamas View Senior Center.

Bernie was born on May 17, 1928, in Pittsfield, Massachusetts the son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hubbard. Bernie would say they were poor but managed to develop a good standard of living over time. Bernie graduated from North Adams State University, earning a B.A. He subsequently attended Columbia University in New York City where he earned his Master’s.

Bernie, his first wife Dorothy, and his baby daughter, Debra, moved to California for Officers Training at Fort Ord. Following his service, as a Second Lieutenant in the Army, he began his teaching profession. During his time as a teacher, he served as Chairman of the English Department at Lynbrook High School. His second child with Dorothy is his son, John Hubbard.

Bernie integrated his stepchildren, Robin, Hank, and Martin, after marrying Bonnie Jean Burnside he loved and cared for them his entire life. Hank lovingly recounts events that illustrate Bernie’s commitment to Bonnie and her children with tears in his eyes – that is a wonderful testimony to Bernie’s love.

Renowned for his love of travel, he taught English in China and lost 35 pounds during his six- month adventure with Bonnie. He avoided piranhas during his trip down the Amazon and bartered with pounds of coffee during his trip to Russia. Their first trip to Hawaii resulted in a fascination with pina coladas upon their return. But his son John will always remember Bernie requesting magazines and peanut butter during his trip to China.

After retiring from teaching in California in 1986, he and Bonnie moved to Oregon and began their next journey. Bernie became a docent at the Portland art Museum, and volunteered at various organizations in the community. Their life in Oregon was filled with local events, art, theater, and travel to visit Debra and “the boys.” He became a widower when Bonnie Jean, passed away in 2012.

He then moved to Courtyard at Mt. Tabor where he soon met a group of friends, especially Carole Rennie, who we consider an angel. They visited museums, watched moves, ate sandwiches at local parks, and traveled to the east coast to visit family and friends. They truly loved each other.

In his last few years, Bernie, an English teacher and a man of letters, lost his words increasingly, but what he was unable to express with words, he communicated with his eyes and luminous smile. Bernie was animated and would reach out to strangers and friends with a hello and his famous smile. That was usually followed by a question designed to jumpstart a conversation.

If Bernie could have seen the circle of healthcare workers that cared for him at the end, I am sure he would have flashed that smile, asked them numerous questions, and inquired about a bowl of his favorite food – ice cream. Bernie was surrounded by his loving friend Carole who was his guardian angel – she really loved Bernie and his children, Debra, Hank and John. The music of Leonard Cohen – “Hallelujah” – playing in the background. He missed his 94th birthday by 34 days.

Bernie was animated, loving, and tender, and his smile will continue to have a place in all our hearts.

He is survived by his daughter Debra Lydon and sons Hank Julian and John Hubbard. We love and miss you, Dad.

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Memorial Service will be held at: Place: Willamette National Cemetery

11800 SE MT Scott Blvd Happy Valley, OR 97086

Date:  June 3, 2022 at 10:00 AM  CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS


Celebration of Life will be held at: Place: Courtyard at Mt. Tabor

6125 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97206

Date:  June 3, 2022 at 12:00 PM     CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS


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