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Barbara A. Green

October 21, 2022


Barbara Ann Green


December 1931 – October 2022


Barbara was born in Los Angeles, CA in December 1931 to Willis and Barbara Kiggins. The family soon moved back to Portland and stayed there the rest of their lives.

She started school in kindergarten at Garden Home, OR and began her long love of education. Moving frequently during the depression, she attended six grade schools and chose Girls Polytechnic for high school because she could live anywhere in the city. At the time the family lived in Vanport. She became best friends with Violet Miller and together became co-editors of the school paper. With help from the faculty and obtaining good grades, she obtained scholarships for Vanport College and began her trek for a teaching career. Other colleges attended were OCE and OSU for her Masters. She began teaching at Sunnyside grade school, married 0. Maborn Green and had three sons. After all three sons were in school, she taught at Marysville grade school and lastly at Whitman grade school. She loved her job.

She is survived by her sons, Ken, Mike and Don, Grandchildren Christina Peterslie (Steve) and Sean Green, two great granddaughters, Haley and Samantha Peterslie, sister Katherine Hamburg, nephew Mark Hamburg, niece Anne Hamburg and great nephew’s Ryan Hamburg and Todd Endres. Her husband of over 50 years, 0. Maborn Green, died February 18, 2004.

Please read a book to a child in her memory.


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