Alijah D. Myers

June 23, 1995 - September 1, 2020

 In Loving Memory of


Alijah D’ontae Myers


Sunrise: June 23, 1995                    Sunset: September 01, 2020


God always finds a way to bless us with the opportunity to know a kind, beautiful soul. One who will walk hand and hand with you through your trails and tribulations. A Person who knows Exactly when you need a hug. The kind of hug that exudes love, warmth and tenderness. The Kind of person who is full of wisdom and life. An angel. One who could heal any hurt, who can tell a story with so much enthusiasm you felt as though you were there living it too. This and so much more than words can describe is who Tae was. His smile was contagious, his laugh was everlasting.

Tae always found a way to make the best out of a bad situation. Weather it was a joke at just the right moment or his favorite 4 words “Lets smoke a blunt” his self- given name, Blaze – truly proceeded him. His loving nature made it easy for people to talk to him. One conversation with him as a stranger left you feeling like you knew him for a lifetime. He had a way to make you feel safe and secure enough to let go of your most intimate fears and concerns. His sweet, Gentle heart and jovial spirits uplifted all who had the privilege to meet such an amazing soul, leaving an impression that lasted a lifetime. Like all angel’s God gives us, we cherish their life, their love, their presence and then he calls them home leaving a wake of memories to flush over us in a sea of sadness.

Alijah D’ontae Myers, born June 23rd 1995 at Emanuel hospital to Anna Walking Eagle-Myers and Wilbert Myers Jr. After a stubborn 12 Hour Labor, a stuck head and a plunger, In Portland Oregon where he resided for the remainder of his life. He was the youngest of a total of 4 children. Throughout middle and high school, he played football and basketball and carried his love for perfect 3 pointers throughout his adulthood. Family meant everything to him. He was an amazing, loving father to his only child Jahkai and was an important part of the upbringing of his niece Skylar and Nephews Izayah, Izacc and Donovan.

He leaves so many family and friends to mourn his call home. His Mother Anna, His Father Will, His siblings Andre, Andrea and Tisha, his significant other Aimee, his best friend Divante, his cousins, grandmothers, uncles and so many more. To these people he was strength, confidence, perseverance, guidance and love. He will be deeply missed.