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Kenneth N. Clayton

September 21, 1955 - January 25, 2021

Kenneth Newton Clayton


September 21, 1955 – January 25, 2021


Kenneth Newton Clayton passed peacefully on January 25 at the age of 65. On September 21, 1955, he was born in Portland, Oregon, to Alice and Jasper Clayton. Kenny attended Irvington elementary and Grant High school in Portland, Oregon, and he graduated from Phagan’s Cosmetology School in the early 90s.

His mother, Alice, birthed four children Jimmie, Sherrie, Kenneth, and Timothy. Kenny was the middle child. And a decade later, his father, Jasper, and step-mother Margarette birthed Danny and James “Chip” Clayton. His mother, Alice, described him as a good son, warm-hearted and easy-going, a sweet kid, and very giving, thoughtful, and he never complained.

During his younger years, Kenny and his brothers loved to play outside with the neighborhood kids. His big brother Jimmie would create Olympic Games to challenge his little brothers and friends. According to Tiny, he said Kenny didn’t play many sports; his sport was chasing girls. The Clayton’s were known for their basement parties. The basement on 8th street had a big pool table and was the place to be with laughter and fun.

Kenny started making beautiful babies in the 70s. His first pride and joy was his daughter Angelique and then came along his handsome sons Deshon, Shawntel, Sam, Tyrese, and Andre. Kenny married the love of his life “Princess” Gracie Gage in 2003; shortly after, Kenny and Princess purchased their 1st house, which had a big swimming pool in the backyard. And they loved to host close family and friends. The Lord called his wife, Princess home in 2017.

Furthermore, Kenny was a jack of all trades, and he did not mind helping his family and friends because there wasn’t anything he couldn’t do!  If you needed your car fix, call Kenny. If you needed your clothes mended, call Kenny; if you needed your haircut, call Kenny; if you needed carpentry work, call Kenny. He would come and rescue you in his black combat boots, jeans, and maybe a hat, and a big smile.

Rest in Love~ Your family and friends will miss your sweet presence!

Kenneth PM

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