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Dorothy Adam

April 24, 2016 - November 11, 2015

Burial Date January 1, 1970

Triple Nickle Pub

Dorothy Adam was born Dorothy Wolfe on April 14, 1917, in Brooklyn, New York, to parents Sam and Sarah Wolfe. Dorothy was one of two children along with her late sister Lee.

Dorothy grew up in Brooklyn and attended the famous Lincoln high school, where she was a classmate of the playwright Neil Simon. Dorothy was incredibly well read, highly educated, and had excellent teachers. As a result, Dorothy, who was very bright, got an excellent education.

Dorothy was a smart and very independent woman, and in the 1950s, she left New York City for the west coast, where she worked in California as a writer in an advertising company. Later, Dorothy moved to Las Vegas. Here, she worked on a newspaper while, as a single mother, she raised Steve all by herself.

Dorothy was very resourceful and intelligent. Steve, «I have never met anybody like Dorothy». She was a «character», very spunky and brave. Dorothy loved to travel, and she once attended a party in London with the Queen of England and Margret Thatcher where she had a conversation with both.. Dorothy wrote a story about the party which was published in the newspapers. Dorothy also sent the story to a cruise line, which published the story and gifted Dorothy with a ticket for a free trip around the world.

Dorothy travelled everywhere, mostly by herself and had friends all over the world. She went around the world more than ten times, mostly by herself. Dorothy’s took her most recent around the world trip when she was 90. Dorothy was blessed with intelligence, courage, independence and a life force that was powerful. She could hold her own with anyone. She always had a clever response to everything and everyone, Dorothy would have been a great guest on David Letterman show.

Full of life, Dorothy did even more than write and raise her son Steve. Dorothy painted, sculpted and loved to dance. She lived a deeply joyful life and, she «did her own thing» whether she was dancing, painting or making new friends. In fact, Dorothy got the name «Disco Dorothy» from her travels on the cruise ships, she would dance nightly at the ships Disco and became, Disco Dorothy. Dorothy also loved African dancing, reggae, blues and many other styles.

Dorothy met a friend Belva in Las Vegas who was from Portland, and Belva invited Dorothy to visit. In the early 70’s, Dorothy did come to Portland and liked it so much, she stayed. Shortly after, Steve, who had been living in California, also decided to move to Portland.

Here in Portland, Dorothy lived in Steve’s duplex, and mother and son always had a special relationship and remained close throughout Steve’s life. Sadly, last week, at the age of 98, Dorothy suddenly became ill. Her death was an unexpected shock. Dorothy was beloved by her son, her daughter in law and her caregivers Felicdad, Reyna, Emilce and Angela.

Steve, « I was very proud to be her son. Mom did the best possible job of being my mother. She always looked out for me and let me know her love was real».
Dorothy and her powerful life force and joy will be deeply missed.

May her memory be a blessing.

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