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Dele S. Lowrie

September 12, 1966 - October 2, 2019

Dele Shawnon “Shawn” Lowrie

“You Will Never Walk Alone”

SQ Scan_0001 PMDele Shawnon Lowrie entered the world in Keystone Cop fashion. His parents were attempting to flee an advancing drunk driver, unlicensed – driving a milk truck. The Police were in hot pursuit. He did not enter the world in the ambulance that was called but instead arrived at the old St. Vincent Hospital on Sept. 12th, 1966.

Already he was charting his own life. His parents, Dale and Carol Lowrie (though, not always enamored with his exuberance) loved his zest for life. After all, before he was 3, he could wash a floor with soy sauce, clean a wool carpet with eggs and wash the family dog with cool whip. He loved people, animals and life. He loved places too. Before 3 he could have walked clear to Aurora had a neighbor not noticed his developing desire to see the world. Before his untimely death he had seen much of the world. One of his favorite tours was to Greece with his Father in 1992.

In 1969 his brother Dereck Shane joined the family. In 1974 Shawn entered N. Oak Grove School. If during that time you saw the principal chasing a small boy toward our home, it was Shawn. Shawn’s ideas of life purpose and pursuit developed early. In that instances though, we think he learned early on listening to other’s views served him well!

Shawn graduated from Heritage High in Portland in 1984, followed by George Fox University. After several jobs that didn’t quite fill the niches for him, he noted he couldn’t quite settle down. In 1988 he joined his mom working at Dammasch Hospital in Wilsonville working with the mentally ill, a job he loved.  That role moved him to OSH in Portland and in 1998 he moved to California’s desert.

Like his arrival in 66 he never was at a loss to find excitement and adventure. He scuba dived, swam with the sharks, hiked, parachuted. He was a great cook, an avid reader, and loved life. As many people spoke of their description of him most often came up the word – KIND.

Shawn began his career with National Geographic as the new century started and ended earlier this year when a diagnosis of problems that had appeared in 1984 surfaced. Though he faced illness he was a survivor – not a victim.

During this time, he found his life partner and soulmate Paul Riedel. They settled into their homes in S. Calif. and the Pac. NW. Besides their mutual interests and travels both delighted in their pugs.

One of his life highlights was the birth of his brother’s children – Katelyn Shawnon born in 1996 and Derek Ryan arriving in 1999. Shawn’s parents still see the children eagerly awaiting Uncle Shawn’s arrival at PDX with a single rose in their hands welcoming him from where he’s been in the world. We will never say goodbye to Shawn – we will instead treasure the gift that he was and the gift that he left in each of us…the gift of hope, love and maybe just being KIND.

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