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Collette Swanberg

November 2, 1964 - August 10, 2020

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August 21, 2020

You were taken too soon from all who loved you. From day one, when I met you, you treated me like family. I will never, ever forget how welcoming you were to me. I will be forever grateful for this. I loved how the two of you co-parented Brittany. You guys did an amazing job at this, and could definitely teach people how to successfully co-parent. How many people can say they went on vacation with their ex-husband and girlfriend, not once but twice. I know your spirit will be watching over all of us!

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Amy Slagle

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August 19, 2020

Collette, To my childhood best friend, the one who I shared all my secrets, who I admired and loved, fought with, fought for, the one who had an uncanny way to understand the things I did not say. The one who I could speak to without words. We could just exchange a look and we both knew. The first day I met you in 3rd grade you were wearing a pretty blue dress and I remember how beautiful you were. We became fast friends. I remember our first sleepover at your house on Tillamook, Mom walked me down the block because I was nervous, and we brought maple bars. After that night it was all over. We were unseparable, we developed secret codes we wrote in our diaries that only we could read, first to do everything together. We made the cat club with Michelle, Susan, Kerri and the neighborhood girls. You were fiercely loyal, so fun, the most brilliant although it did not matter to you to study, instead you wanted to live large, to have fun, to be in the moment! We went through childhood, teenage awkwardness, crazy high school days, first boyfriends, marriages, babies, play dates with Brit an Mac when they were little, divorces, new relationships, new friends. I can't believe you are gone. I realize how much you taught me how to live! I'm so glad we had our recent visits the past few years in Bend with you and your beloved family. Please keep reminding us how to live the good life!