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Bruce R. Crosby

December 9, 1955 - October 14, 2017

Bruce started Crosby Construction in the late 1980’s and built residential homes in both the Walla Walla Valley and later for many years in Portland. He was known as a dedicated perfectionist, skilled craftsman and hard-working businessman. Brother Gale and brother-in-law Marlow helped Bruce build homes in Walla Walla and brother-in-law Bill laid the Formica countertops. While building in Portland, Bruce was occasionally aided by his two sons Jonathan and Steffan, as well as daughter Natalie.

Natalie recalls one day at her dad’s jobsite when he asked her to move a sizable pile of 2x4’s. It was only later that she realized, and he openly admitted, that he’d only had her do this to waste time and let her earn some extra money.

Bruce worked for Portland companies Paccom Leasing and TreeSource, and was also a financial manager for U.S. Bank’s downtown Portland office. He always looked out for the needs of the employees who reported to him. His co-workers respected and admired him.

Bruce’s mother Nona Crosby would say, “Bruce works in the big pink building. He has his own office with a big tall wooden door.”

Most recently, Bruce was employed at Renovo Hardwood Bicycles where he worked constructing high performance hardwood road and mountain bikes. He gave several shop tours to Steffan and some of Steffan’s friends, who marveled at the remarkable craftsmanship and intricate woodwork.

Bruce was a gifted athlete from his grade school years on and enjoyed captaining a softball team in Portland. He also liked hiking, road trips with his kids and family outings. He was a fixture around the Mt. Tabor and Hawthorne neighborhoods of Portland and knew everyone from baristas to bus drivers. His kids occasionally referred to him with affection as a social butterfly.

His brother Gale says, “Bruce always knew the latest business news and truly enjoyed living in Portland.”

Bruce is survived by his son Steffan Crosby and daughter Natalie Crosby; his sisters Phyllis Chamberlain and Joyce Barger; his brother Gale Crosby; his nieces Colleen Chamberlain, Elizabeth Barger Gibson, Amy Crosby, Ginny Loerop, Amy Ross and Tara Becker; his nephews James Chamberlain, Luke Barger, Justin Crosby, Chris Becker, Brian Clayton and Cohen Dodson.

Bruce was preceded in death by his parents, John Wesley Crosby and Myrtle Nona Crosby, as well as his eldest son, Jonathan Ross Crosby. Bruce will be buried beside his son Jonathan at Mount Hope Cemetery in College Place, Washington.

A memorial service will be held at the City Sanctuary Seventh-day Adventist Mission in Portland, Oregon on Saturday, October 28 at 3:00 p.m. Pastor Dan George will officiate.

Instead of flowers, please send memorial donations to the City Sanctuary Mission.  The mission provides an excellent much needed service in the heart of Portland.  The address for your donations is City Sanctuary c/o Mary Boyd, 2245 SW Sundial Ave., Troutdale, OR  97060.

Thank you for your love and support from the entire Crosby family.